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He will lead them unto Living Fountains of Waters
-Rev. 7:17

FLWI is an international ministry that shares Biblical Truth to
enlighten, bless and empower people, as well as colaborates with
other non-profits in support of community outreach projects to those in need.

"RAPTURE REVELATION"-Supernatural vision of
end times.This book will help you to understand
the Rapture and be ready for it!
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Mark Robinson,
Executive Director of Jewish
Awareness Ministries

shares how, though a Jewish Agnostic, he
had a personal encounter with
the G_d of Israel.

Click here to listen
as Colonel Vincent Fonke
WWII hero & P.O.W. and
Distinguished Flying Cross recipient
shares his inspirational story

Angelica Zambrano video-
She saw Heaven & Hell!
Watch and you'll never be the same!

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The tomb is empty!
Ann Maria at the Garden
Tomb in Jerusalem

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From One Sinner to Another

Minister Ben Bruce lays the
truth out and the answer
to the problems in your life.

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If you decide to make a change
for good, WHAT NEXT?

Minister Ben Bruce gives you
step by step directions for a
victorious life with God.

Watch this video

Watch this video
Israel's war with
Iran, Russian, Lebanon

Click link to listen: Healing
from a Dysfunctional Childhood

Amanda shares how Jesus
healed her from childhood abuse
in a home with drug addicts

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VIDEO-Click here Destruction of the USA-TIME TO GET READY!

Click to see video
Ann Rowan saw the end of world!
The Rapture happens first!

Listen to internet radio broadcasts Fountains of
Living Waters as Ann Maria shares Bible studies at:
www.blogtalkradio.com/flwi click here to listen

"Life after death!"
video click here

Compelling Testimony of Dr. Rosa Martin

her spirit left her dead body
but she lives today to tell about it!

FLWI 2013 trip to Israel
video click here

Sights and sounds of the Holy Land.

How to KNOW you're going
to HEAVEN- video click here
DON'T ASSUME-- you need to KNOW!!

Listen to what the Bible says about sin and true salvation

"What happened at the Cross!"
Consider how much Jesus loves you!


Listen how J.R. was set free
from the bondage of drugs
and alcohol-POWERFUL!

FLWI facilitating ministry for Annual VA Medical Center
Christmas Celebration honoring our heroes-US Veterans

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