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"This is a MUST read book. It is a concise, biblically sound summary or handbook for anyone seeking a fuller understanding of Christianity and its foundational truths. Very well written!" (Sound Doctrine)

"You can't afford not to read this!" (Thy Word is a Lamp... Scripture Meditations)

"I have been studying the end times for over forty years and Rapture Revelation by Ann Rowan is the best explanation of the Rapture of the church I have read..."

"Definitely worth reading! This book gives you a rich, biblical view of the eternal security we have as Christians. It’s a simple read that will build your faith. Whether you’re a new Christian, or whether you’ve been a Christian for a while, I think it’s a must-read that we all can benefit from. I did!" (ETERNAL SECURITY?)

"A really well thought out revelation of what Christ went through for you and I.  This book was concise and revealed the love of God and Jesus for us in the light of man's sinfulness. Excellent!!!"  (Sufferings of Christ)

How to KNOW you're going to HEAVEN-DON'T ASSUME-- you need to KNOW!!  watch HERE

Video click HERE --1971 vision of the end of the world!  Ann Rowan shares Pre-tribulation Rapture

Book of Revelation

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 Meditation of the Word.

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amazing fulfillment  of Bible prophecies!

FALSE PROPHET ALERT!  Do you know what they teach?? Click HERE for video.
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The church has been  infiltrated by false prophets! BEWARE! Click HERE for video

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These books are inspirational and theological... the result of over 40 years of intensive Bible study and research. Your faith and knowledge of God will increase in these easy to read, yet profound books. Available on Amazon:  Thy Word is a Lamp...  Sound Doctrine;    Rapture Revelation;     The Sufferings of Christ;       Eternal Security?   

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