This is a MUST read book. It is a concise, biblically sound summary or handbook for anyone seeking a fuller understanding of Christianity and its foundational truths. Very well written!

"Reading this book will pull you into the closeness and purify you again and again through allowing Jesus Christ to put you on the potters wheel..."

Readers comments...

"I have been studying the end times for over forty years and Rapture Revelation by Ann Rowan is the best explanation of the Rapture of the church I have read..."

It’s a simple read that will build your faith. Whether you’re a new Christian, or whether you’ve been a Christian for a while, I think it’s a must-read that we all can benefit from. I did!

How to KNOW you're going to HEAVEN-DON'T ASSUME-- you need to KNOW!!  watch HERE

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Book of Revelation

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Video: Pre-tribulation Rapture and 

              Olivet Discourse- Click HERE

These books are both inspirational and theological.  They are the result of over 40 years of intensive Bible study and research. Because they expound upon God's Holy Word in a simple and relevant manner, your faith and knowledge of God will increaseBooks may be ordered on resource tab. 

What the Bible predicts will happen to the United States (click eagle
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 Meditation of the Word.

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amazing fulfillment  of Bible prophecies!

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