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Does it matter which version of the Bible you use? Can we trust the manuscripts of scripture? YES!! Find out which versions are complete, and why you can trust it! 

The Book of Daniel has amazingly accurate prophecies about the end-times in which we now live. God clearly shows us the future through the dreams of Daniel

The Baptism in the Holy Ghost is  separate from your salvation. It is the gift of power to witness for Christ. All the gifts (tongues,  healing, etc.) are still valid today.

Not believing in hell or not believing God would send anyone there will not keep your out of it. This will help you reconcile between God's love and judgment.


A Catholic can be saved (I am living proof!) But one must follow what the Holy Bible says instead of the traditions of man.  Catholics must be born again to enter into heaven.

Is there only 1 member of the Godhead? Did Jesus pray to Himself? Is one saved by being baptized in Jesus' name? Short answer to all: NO! Read & learn!

What does the Bible say about divorce? Is it ever authorized? Can someone  divorced remarry and be right with God?  This is a balanced, Biblical teaching. 

Is it God's will to heal?  Are there conditions? Is healing part of God's Covenant? When does God not heal? What are some healing scriptures to read?

Many defend their "liberty" in drinking with certain scriptures. The bottom line is, "Is God glorified by me imbibing?" ANSWER: NO! Read if you want the truth. 

God's amazing grace is His undeserved favor toward us-- in spite of ourselves! Read and relish in the love that God has given us in Christ Jesus!

There is a popular teaching in Christendom that the church must take dominion over all areas of society before Jesus can return. It's a lie. Find out why!

The doctrine of eternal security (aka "once saved always saved") has sent many people to hell. One cannot live like the devil and expect to go to heaven. 

Contrary to popular opinion, the Holy Bible is not an archaic document that contradicts science. The Bible reveals amazingly accurate facts validated by science.

Jehovah Witnesses need to know these scriptures. Jesus is definitely the Eternal "YHWH" (Jehovah). With  the Father & Holy Spirit, He is the one true God.

Are women relegated to be pew-sitters and never preach the Word? That is not what scripture teaches! Some commonly misunderstood myths are debunked.

Jewish people have found this to be a clear teaching of Who their Messiah is. The Tanach truly points to Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ).

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